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Janet's Closet - Detroit, Michigan

If you are ever in Detroit or the Michigan area, come see my retail store! Contact me for directions.

Thanks for coming in to take a look! I hope you will enjoy your stay and be sure to look through all of my sexy photos. While you are here, look around at all the gorgeous things I have to offer: Clothing, Hair & Wigs, Heels & Shoes, Breast Forms, intimate wear, costumes, and Makeup – all created for the cross-dresser! If you're ever near Detroit, Michigan, don't forget to consider my transformation services as well.

As you travel through my cross dressers paradise you will notice that I offer a complete line of all of the necessities that a dresser needs. Some of my clientele are drag queens, female impersonators, drag show performers, entertainers, cross dressers, Las Vegas show girls, strippers, and the transgendered community , along with people who just plain love my sexy outfits, expansive selection of wigs and shoes and boots, and the wide variety of silicone breast forms that ONLY are available at Janet's Closet.

And I don't stop there. I also make custom clothing too. I call my custom clothing my "man made collection." I have learned the secrets to make men look sexy in woman's clothes so I can make sexy dresses, sexy skirts, sexy dance outfits and more.

And you just can't be a girl without breasts! I have a nice selection of breast forms including foam breast forms, medical grade silicone breast forms, breast enhancers, mastectomy breast forms in 3 different styles; Low Wide, High Wide, and High Narrow.

I also share my knowledge as a female impersonator through my transformation services. At my boutique a transformation includes, panty hose or nylons with panties, or thigh hi stockings with a garter belt, a wig, a bra and breast forms, your pick from my collection of sexy dresses or fetish wear, choice of sexy high heels, sexy pumps, or high heel boots or platform shoes, also full make up done to perfection. Then we top off the transformation with a visit into my photo studio for pictures.

Yes Janet’s Closet is truly a cross dresser's paradise!

All About Janet

For those of you who will take the time and interest to read about me thanks so much.

As a teenager my interests were chasing women, drag racing, and playing music. And I had a great, busy, fun filled childhood playing in a rock and roll band. I worked as a technician at Capitol music in downtown Detroit. I got to know almost every famous Motown person. I recorded, jammed and repaired most of their equipment. It was great fun, but there was little money in it for me. During this time I also was building racing engines which proved to be more lucrative.

I got married and had a baby girl and with money needs I got out of the entertainment business to continue on with building racing engines. I became somewhat of a notoriety . I even took over the position of Track Manager at the Detroit Drag Way for a while. Afterward I became an A.R.C.A. official by supplying technical services and parts to the racers at race tracks in Michigan and Ohio. But I had always missed the excitement of being on stage as a performer.

On a fluke I went to a Drag Show. There I found my calling. I began performing as a female impersonator. Doing this allowed me to use my talents of singing and dance. In just a few years I had created an Identity for myself. I opened Janet's Closet because I found that there was no place for a dresser to go and shop , or for help and advice. I began in my garage that I converted into a store and soon had to move it. I took a small part of the racing engine building and moved Janet's Closet store there. After a few short years the business has grown and the store has expanded to consume over 50% of the racing engine building and I will soon be needing to continue the expansion, all due to my commitment to providing the best quality products and service to my valued customers. I still help and assist in the engine rebuilding company but I found that Janet's Closet store has demanded more and more of my time as it grew. Life is great. Thanks for your interest.

All my love,
- Janet



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